February Collection 2023

February Collection 2023

- New for February -

Deep blues are the focus of this month’s collection of new pieces. One of my favorite blue stones, lapis lazuli, is heavily showcased with eight of the sixteen new pieces including lapis. Also in the mix of new pieces, you’ll find kyanite, sodalite, and pyrite. To round out the collection and to continue with the deep blue theme, I created a few one-of-a-kind designs with rainbow moonstone and labradorite. Each of these rainbow moonstone and labradorite stones has been selected for its unique blue flash.

Like last month, a few of the necklaces feature handmade chains. I have a few photos below showing the chain links being created.

If you would like to learn more about how these pieces were made, keep reading below.

One-of-a-kind, limited edition, and made-to-order pieces will be available in the shop starting February 7th.

Behind the Scenes

Here are a few photos which show some of the latest pieces while they were in progress.

In this photo I have just stamped a piece of sterling silver with a pattern using a mix of metal stamps. This piece of patterned silver was then used to create the band for the lapis lazuli ring in this month’s collection.

Here I am stamping the wire used to create this month’s rainbow moonstone cuff bracelet. I do the stamping while the silver is flat. I will then use a series of tools to curve the silver into a cuff shape.

I am sawing out small teardrops to use on one of the new labradorite pendants. After sawing the teardrops, I hand file the edges before soldering them to the pendant.

Here I am soldering links for one of the handmade chains I made this month. First I soldered the petal shaped links individually. Now I am connecting those petal shapes with contrasting links made from rectangular wire.

Shop Updates

The full collection will be available starting February 7th. If you’re interested in ordering, visit the shop here.


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