January Collection 2023

January Collection 2023

- New for January -

After a whirlwind couple of months fulfilling holiday orders, it felt good to be creating new designs again. I stuck with a fairly neutral color palette in this month’s new pieces. You’ll find plenty of white and black along with a mix of truly unique stones. Most of the cabochons are dendritic opal, but I also included a few other stones like turquoise, rainbow moonstone, chalcedony, spinel, simulated opal, and a pearl set.

There are some simple designs as well as larger statement pieces this month. Some of the statement pieces feature larger handmade chains which I soldered one link at a time. While handmade chains are definitely time-consuming to create, I love the character a handmade chain adds to the overall piece.

If you would like to learn more about how these pieces were made, keep reading below.

One-of-a-kind, limited edition, and made-to-order pieces will be available in the shop starting January 9th.

Behind the Scenes

Here are a few photos which show some of the latest pieces while they were in progress.

In this photo I am shaping and sizing the bezel wire to ensure a proper fit before I solder the bezels to the backplates.

Here I am sawing out a branch to use for one of this month’s dendritic opal pendants. I do this step very slowly and carefully to make sure that I keep the branches intact.

I am getting the backplates cut and organized with their corresponding bezels. I often do these cuts as a rough cut with my jeweler’s saw. Then I will refine the shapes with metal files and grinding tools after soldering.

Here I am soldering a wide ring band to a backplate. The bezel was soldered to the backplate in a previous step, and the branches were soldered to the band in an additional step. Most of the rings I create take about 3-5 separate soldering stages to complete.

Shop Updates

The full collection will be available starting January 9th. If you’re interested in ordering, visit the shop here.


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