June Collection 2021

June Collection 2021

- New for June -
The new pieces for June feature lots of Kyanite and Moonstone. These two stones tend to be customer favorites as well as two of my own personal favorites. I also got a chance to try out some new tools and materials this month and continued with last month’s theme of applying more texture. You’ll also notice there is plenty of wire-wrapping in this collection. I tend to include more wire-wrapping in my pieces as the weather gets nicer. I can take a small kit of supplies outside and watch my boys play when I’m wrapping the wire around stones. Most other fabrication methods require me to be sitting at my bench. It’s not uncommon for me to save all of my sawing, hammering, soldering, and finishing for cold, rainy days.
Pieces will be available in the shop starting June 4th.

Behind the Scenes

A few photos below show some of the latest pieces while they were in progress.


Shop Updates

June collection will be available starting June 4th. If you’re interested in ordering, visit the shop here.

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