June Collection 2022

June Collection 2022

- New for June -

Two of my favorite summer gems, turquoise and pearl, are the focus of my first collection for the summer. I tried to include a mix of lightweight, easy-to-wear pieces for the warmer months as well as a few larger one-of-a-kind pieces for special occasions or gift-giving. Turquoise is one of my favorite stones to work with because each stone can be so unique. It comes in many different hues with different internal markings. No two stones are just alike, which can be rather frustrating when trying to make a pair of earrings but really exciting for just about every other design.

One-of-a-kind, limited edition, and made-to-order pieces will be available in the shop starting June 3rd.

Behind the Scenes

A few photos below show some of the latest pieces while they were in progress.

Shop Updates

The full collection will be available starting June 3rd. If you’re interested in ordering, visit the shop here.


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