June Collection 2023

June Collection 2023

- New for June -


Aqua, deep blue, and orange is one of my favorite color combinations for summer.  This month's new pieces feature lots of turquoise, lapis lazuli, and carnelian stones to go along with this color theme.  You'll also find a little kyanite, sunstone, pearl, zircon, and amazonite this month.

June's new designs include some simple, lightweight pieces that are perfect for everyday wear in the hot summer months.  There are also a few focal pieces that will make a bigger statement.  Since summer can be filled with so much traveling and lots of outdoor activities, the goal this month was to create designs that are both comfortable to wear as well as easy to coordinate with different clothing.

I've added a couple of new chain styles to the 'Chains' section of the shop this month as well as 5 new one-of-of-a-kind pendants that can be mixed-and-matched with these chains.

Take a look below if you would like to see how any of this month's new pieces were created.


 Behind the Scenes

The photos above and below show some of this month's new pieces while they were in process.
Some of the rough turquoise I cut and polished to create cabochons for a few of this month's new pieces
Soldering a ring to a silver semicircle for a new pendant
Sawing backplates from a sheet of sterling silver
Just finished soldering bezels to these backplates
Soldering the cuff to a new bracelet design
 Using a bezel pusher to set turquoise cabochons
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