September Collection 2022

September Collection 2022

- New for September -

You’ll find some warmer tones in this month’s collection as we start to transition into fall. I’ve included stones like citrine, yellow opal, lemon topaz, and lemon quartz. You’ll also find a few agate druzies in this month’s mix along with some warmer toned labradorite and rainbow moonstone. To keep the theme of warmer hues, I added accents of golden brass to a few of the designs. Most of the pieces this month are one-of-a-kind, but there are a few limited edition and made-to-order items included as well.

If you would like to learn more about how these pieces were made, keep reading below.

One-of-a-kind, limited edition, and made-to-order pieces will be available in the shop starting September 6th.

Behind the Scenes

Here are a few photos which show some of the latest pieces while they were in progress.

In these photos I’m working on a handmade chain for this month’s dendritic opal and chalcedony necklace. First I form wire into circles and solder the circles closed. Then I shape the circles into elongated ovals using pliers. The final step is soldering these elongated ovals together to form a long chain.

Here I am getting ready to set this labradorite cabochon into a tension cuff bracelet. At this point all of the metalwork has been completed other than shaping the bezel over the stone.

The silver and brass setting for a labradorite ring is all finished up. It is ready to be soldered to the band. I file the part of the band flat along the edge that will come in contact with the setting. This increases the amount of surface area between the setting and the band which creates a stronger bond.

Here I am soldering the band to the setting. I move the torch constantly around the whole ring so that it heats evenly. When the ring is hot enough for the solder to flow, I concentrate the heat on the solder join.

Shop Updates

The full collection will be available starting September 6th. If you’re interested in ordering, visit the shop here.


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